Best Apps and Websites for the Flipped Classroom



Online lessons: – The platform is absolutely suitable for work in a class, as well as for an independent scientist and self-examination. There may be all kinds of videos published on, and all the editors.

-Watch video – short film with duration from 3 to 5 minutes;
If you think about it – we can go to a short test, ask a question, there is no excuse to check if the student has memorized the basics of the concept and whether it can even be produced;
-Deep deeper – the student gets inadvertently knowledge on the topic. You may be asked to ask for yes, install and disassemble logical connections between separate components;
-Discuss – a student can express his opinion or discuss with another student;
-To the end … – we will set a task that the student can do well and can check it out in an hour. – The platform is suitable for both class work, self-study and self-examination. There may be videos posted on, and all editors, as well as a lesson from Ted-ed. Integrated with Google classroom.

Test the questions and they will put on time on the spot. A lot of good communication with Google Classroom. The list with the student can be transferred to the platform, without the need for a new account. For the first time and development for all pupils, you can follow all the lesson – what lesson, for a while he needs to get it right, he dissuaded him with a bit of a question. New lesson and posting to Google Classroom by itself with a single click – Update!

Khan Academy is one of the most popular computer science teaching platforms and offers many courses in information technology and programming. Ekeep from the student from the teacher. Challenge this entry on the student and you can track their progress.

eduCanon is a free service, which is designed to help the teacher and crawl to the Obrnata class, who will add interactive video clips from YouTube, Vimeo and Teacher Tube.

Tools for editing video tutorials.


Online presentations:

Filmed on the screen:

Added reality:

Education resources in Google:




All in all

Based on information technology and recruiting on the basis of the tool and sub-help training. Attached to them is not self-integral. Succeed as a student se d’lzhat on mastering the skills for the rule of planning, approach and implementation in the textbook of action. Technologists will assist the teacher and implement the planning of training and will provide funds for the student and all the creep from the opportunity to find the opportunity to start.