Fifth mobility in Spain 21st to 25th Feb 2022 (Úbeda)

This event was the fifth coordination meeting and was our fourth short-term exchange of pupils. It was a short-term of five-days visit where the Spanish students did a great work delivering some workshops about the Augmented reality and Virtual reality as a resource in the Flipped Classroom methodology. This way the participating teachers and students experimented and learned about their possibilities.

Sixth mobility in      Bulgaria (Varna) 30th May to 3rd June 2022

This event was held in Bulgaria in the town of Varna from 30 May to 3 June 2022  and matched with the sixth coordination meeting. We had a short-term five-day visit, where participants involved in the project had the opportunity to observe lessons and take part in classroom activities, play games, and exchange knowledge with other students.

To Flip a Classroom by Galina Stoycheva
Three years ago we had a trip
To Istanbul to learn to flip
Not golden coin or a card
At the beginning it was hard
To flip a classroom full of kids
Like a magician doing bids
This interesting approach
Sets the teacher as a coach
Who gets a sage, a helpful sage
A helpful sage on classroom stage
Supporting students in the process
To study at their own pace
Because at home each pupil can
To watch the video lesson
Many times, without a ban
And at the end of this long journey
All we got it wasn‘t tourney
But an amazing chance for making friends
Making friends without ends.